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Covid-19 update

Effective September 24, 2020 to present


We made it through the summer with no indication of Covid-related problems. And hopefully all of you did, as well. We thank our Members and guests for their patience and their diligence in helping to keep everyone safe and healthy.

So far, neither the state nor our county has placed any restrictions on operations like ours which only provide accommodations. With that in mind, we expect to continue operating, but with special health and safety precautions in place; and we will continue to comply with all state and local mandates and laws as the situation evolves.

If you currently have a reservation pending with us please check the following chart daily and weekly for the latest on the status of your scheduled dates.



if you have a pending reservation with us.

To our friends and guests:

At this stage, things in Texas and our area seem to have mostly stablized with respect to the virus and the way businesses and the authorities are handling it. Unless and until things either worsen substantially, or improve, we are not expecting any major changes in the way we conduct our operation. While we will likely be updating this page less and less frequently, we will continue to monitor the situation for as long as it remains a serious threat. We strongly advise everyone to keep a close eye on what the State of Texas and Comal County are mandating and advising, and to watch your local news for the latest.

As we have all along, we are relying on guidance from three sources: (1) Governor Abbott's office; (2) Comal County's regulatory authority (known as WORD--the Water-Oriented Recreation District); (3) and the best practices of other operations and businesses in our area, in particular those along the Guadalupe River and Canyon Lake. Note: We are NOT under the jurisdiction of New Braunfels; so what they choose to do in town may not be relevant to our situation.

We all hope this crisis is resolved soon and we can all get back to our normal routines. But, for now, we have begun opening back up gradually on a week by week basis. Depending on what happens going forward, it remains possible that some of our reservations that are already on the books may have to be cancelled and/or rescheduled. We are doing "rolling" cancellations, meaning we are evaluating the situation each week and, depending on what the authorities and "best practices" are telling us, we then either red-light or green-light those bookings that are coming up immedately ahead. We realize that this may mean our guests may receive very short notice with regard to the status of their reservation, and we sincerely apologize for the inevitable inconvenience. However, better safe than sorry. The health and safety of our friends and guests is always at the top of our concerns.

If you currently have reservations scheduled with us, please CLICK HERE for information.

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For the latest data graphs and charts, please visit the Texas Tribune:


Here in the New Braunfels area, many businesses have reopened, and many have not. As people are beginning to move about more freely, it is clear that there are differences of opinion regarding the wearing of masks, social distancing and other Covid-related issues. For the latest information on events and conditions around Canyon Lake, the surrounding community, and tourist and recreation-oriented activities, we recommend the following website from



WE ARE NO LONGER UPDATING THIS SECTION REGULARLY, as there are no major changes anticipated for the forseeable future. If you wish to go back and visit the information and links that were on here earlier, please click the link in the banner at the top labeled "Our earlier Covid-19 Precautions".

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