Year-round, completely furnished vacation cottages, each
with easy river access & seclusion at its grandest!

15 miles west of New Braunfels, Texas where FM-306 crosses
the Guadalupe River...halfway around the Tube Loop.

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The Guadalupe River at Unit #2

Situated amid the rolling foothills of the acclaimed Texas Hill Country, PCH is nearly a full mile from the nearest highway, yet just minutes from complete shopping and restaurant facilities. As a guest in one of our three lovely cottages, you'll enjoy a quarter-mile of riverfront on the peaceful, family-oriented section of the Guadalupe River known as the "Hwy 306 tube horseshoe". Majestic cypress trees decked with Spanish moss and wild grapevines add the charm of the Old South. And, just as our Grandpa Sattler and his family did when they settled here in the mid 1800's and founded the community that bears their name, you'll delight to fishing at your backdoor or splashing to your heart's content in The Li'l Falls, Point Creek's secluded swimmin' hole.

Easy-to-follow trails provide convenient river and creek access. Enjoy horseshoes, volleyball and badminton. Exotic animals, too! Peacocks, emus, guineas, llamas, pot-bellied pigs, Texas longhorns as well as ducks, blue heron & other splendid waterfowl abound. And don't forget the hundreds of deer and wild turkeys who also call Point Creek Haven their home.

Immaculate 1 and 2 bedroom cottages, carpeted and fully-furnished, provide spacious modern living accommodations. Each has a complete kitchen with microwave, range & full-size refrigerator, and a living/dining area with 120-channel TV. Full bath with tub and shower; most feature a wood-burning fireplace, outdoor barbecue pit, and a deck or lanai overlooking the river.

And all diningware, cooking utensils, linens and towels are provided!

The perfect vacation headquarters to see all of the
south-central Texas attractions!

Don't forget your lawnchairs, frisbee or football. Or even your boat and skis; we're only 5 minutes from the crystal blue waters of Canyon Lake! Call now and make your reservations for a "havenly"

Point Creek Haven

A division of W. M. Sattler Ranch Enterprises, LLC

Choose from 3 nice, roomy cottages!


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F . A . Q .


(As of 1/2/2020)

THIS PAGE YOU ARE VIEWING IS THE OLD "LEGACY" WEB-PAGE from prior to 2018, back when we were open to the general public.   It is being phased out. While most of the information here is still accurate, please understand that there may be some things here that have changed and are no longer correct or relevent. We are not liable for any consequences that may arise from those inaccuracies. Please visit our current home page for the latest, most up-to-date information.

THIS SECTION IS UNDERGOING MAINTENANCE.     Some portions may not be currently available. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please email us if you have questions, or contact us through the SAFARI page (at the right).

WE ARE NOW MEMBERS ONLY.     If you've been having trouble contacting us or making a reservation, we sincerely apologize. We are in a transition stage and are making changes in the way we do things. After catering to the general public for three decades and doing our best to accommodate a growing number of regular guests, we have reached a point where we simply cannot expand further. Moreover, we are shifting our focus away from recreation (like tubing, fishing, kayaking, etc.) and more toward the protection of the wildlife and preservation of the local ecosystems. With these changes comes the need to curtail the number of new customers we take on. Three cottages will only stretch so far, especially when so many people want all three of them for extended periods of time. And too many of those are interested solely in partying and having fun. Nothing wrong with that, of course; except it is not in keeping with the new direction we are headed. Therefore, beginning in 2018, we started limiting our guest list to "Members" -- our friends and family, and a handful of others whom we have known for many years.

To find out more, please visit our main HOME PAGE.

KIDS! HELP US FIND OUR CRITTERS!     We are pleased to share our ranch with lots and lots of fun animals. Farm animals, like longhorn cows, donkeys and horses---and wild ones, like our lovable Whitetail deer, raccoons, and Blue Heron. Now we have the perfect way for the kiddos Age 8 and above to go looking for all the animals they can find. It's our new SAFARI game. Play it on paper or online, either way. Click or tap the promo to the right for more information.

If you're interested in inquiring about the off-season, please contact us anytime.

SHARE YOUR PHOTOS.     What would you think about a photo gallery? It's a possibility. If you took some pictures of Point Creek Haven, the river, or the area around the lake while you were here, maybe you would like to share them with others. If so, feel free to email them to me. And if you'd like to have your name added as a "Courtesy of..." credit, let me know.

THANKS EVERYONE for helping us keep our rates much lower than virtually every other facility around here. We appreciate all of our regular guests who invariably go out of their way to help us keep our costs low just by being considerate. Little things like taking care of the facilities and avoiding no-shows and cancellations are big things to small business folks like us. Thanks a million! Our hope is that, by keeping our operation in the family, remaining thrifty, and avoiding fancy advertising and promotional gimmicks, we can continue to offer the best value and the nicest vacation experience available anywhere in this area.



Click to enlarge We are about 15 miles west of New Braunfels, Texas on FM-306. That puts us about halfway between Austin and San Antonio off of IH-35, and about halfway between the towns of Sattler and Canyon City. Click on the map to the left to enlarge it for printing. And if you'd like detailed directions on how to find us, contact us.

Although our post office is called "Canyon Lake", our cottages are located on the Guadalupe River, not on the lake itself. The lake is about a 5 minutes drive further down the road.


We have 3 cottages for the private use of our invited ranch guests. They are no longer available to the public.

Unit 1 sits back about 150 yards from the river. It is a restored hunting cabin that originally dates from the 30's. UNIT #1...all the charm of an old hunting cabin.  Which it once was... It's been remodeled and upgraded within the last few months to include such amenities as a bright new bathroom and more. All the while, it still maintains that rustic feel with old knotty cedar paneling in the living room and a huge country kitchen with the same old vintage sink where the old timers cleaned their catfish & packaged up their venison steaks. But, not to worry. Those days have long since faded into history. Today, of course, it is air conditioned and carpeted with satellite TV and more. It has one bedroom which sleeps 2 people and a fold-out couch in the living room that sleep 2 more...for a maximum occupancy of 4 people.

Units 2 and 3 are situated overlooking the river with an excellent view from a rear deck. They are newer and more modern than Unit 1, providing a very comfortable yet cozy way to enjoy genuine pastoral beauty--an increasingly rare luxury these days, as you know. Each has 2 bedrooms, a living room with sleeper sofa and wood-burning stove, and full kitchen and bath/shower facilities. And, of course, each is fully-carpeted and air conditioned with 120-channel TV. Units 2 and 3 each sleep up to 7 people.


Reservations, as a general rule, should be made at least three months in advance. Note that the facility is now MEMBERS ONLY. So reservations may require a membership or a referral. Contact us for information.

You may make a reservation either by submitting the fill-in form on our contact page, by email, or by telephone. That number is not listed, but will be provided upon request. Please DO NOT call any number you receive from directory assistance or happen to find on the internet. Those numbers will almost certainly be wrong since our true number is not posted anywhere online. Instead, visit our contact page to get the number.

Please be aware that our clientele is about 90% repeat business. And, therefore, we go out of our way to give special consideration to our best long-time regular customers. We generally will email them in early January and afford them the opportunity to make their reservations early. And, then, around the first week of February we open it up to the general public and new customers (subject to applicable membership quota). NOTE: Not surprisingly, since we have only 3 units and dozens of members vying for them, weekends and holidays invariably go first, and the spring/summer season is largely booked up solid by mid-January.

Remember, however, that the off-season is always a relaxing and tranquil time to kick back and enjoy nature and some serious R & R...and the rate is cheaper, too. By staying with us from September through May, you allow us to get to know you--and that is the first step toward becoming a member. Also, by doing your part, leaving your cottages clean and in good shape, you may very well make our VIP list and be first in line for next year's summer season availabilities. You'll be hearing from us by email, giving you a chance to pre-book next time around.

Also, keep in mind that cancellations do occasionally, if it's Friday afternoon and you suddenly have a last minute hankerin' to head on up to country, please don't hesitate to call; something may have just opened up. And, if you'd like, we can even put you on standby for a particular weekend or holiday. Simply contact us and let us know your preferences and how you'd like to be notified (telephone, email, etc.). We will put you on our call-back list and will try to contact you (first-come first-served) in the event that something opens up.

UNIT #2...still our most popular cottage. Click to see more photos of it! We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. You may also pay by cash or a money order. Sorry, we no longer accept checks unless pre-approved. We generally do not request a deposit in advance except from customers who have a history of cancellations or bad checks. Payment is due upon your arrival at Point Creek Haven, and we have a drop-box at the entrance for your convenience.



This information will be provided upon request. Sorry, the cottages are only available to registered members.


$20 per car (a one-time parking fee, good for up to one week). This applies primarily to guests of our guests who park on our premises in order to utilize the river, but without registering as cottage guests. Having friends over for a cookout or to chat is fine. But it is when a vehicle remains parked for several hours while the occupants go tubing, shopping, etc. that we ask our guests to please collect a parking fee from them. We cannot afford to provide free river access to non-paying customers as I'm sure you understand.


At Point Creek Haven, our guests are our friends and family. We hope that, as such, you will be considerate when it comes to keeping your reservation. If something does come up, we understand. All we ask is that you please give us as much advance notice as you can. A cottage sitting vacant on a busy weekend does a disservice to those other guests who are on the waiting list for accommodations, and, of course, hurts us as small business operators as well.

Interesting, by the way, is the fact that by getting to know each of our patrons on a first name basis, we have found that they treat Point Creek Haven as if it really is their home. We have virtually none of the "problems" you find at motels and other facilities. And, that, we feel, is what sets us apart. It's that homespun family feeling which is the heart and soul of PCH. And it's something in which grandpa Sattler would have taken great pride.


Yes. As mentioned above, there is a $5 charge added to your bill. Frankly, we would rather you did not bring your pet. But, if you do, please keep a couple of things in mind. First, dogs must be leashed or chained at all times. UNIT #3...our newest! This one is split-level with a cathedral ceiling! Click for more photosThis is to protect the menagerie of exotic birds and animals which roam the premises, as well as to ensure the peace and safety of our other guests (There is also a county leash law in effect with a $500 fine attached!) Secondly, please do not leave your pet at the cottage while you are gone. Dogs especially can panic in strange environs and cause a great deal of damage for which you will be held responsible.


Unfortunately, there are a few things we have to outlaw. Tent camping is one. According to applicable laws, this would make us a campground and, as such, we would have to provide outdoor restrooms and other facilities. We simply are not large enough for that. Moreover, camping causes other problems: it creates a fire hazard (we do not permit outdoor fires other than in the BBQ pits), damage to the landscaping, and overpopulation of the premises. Our guests are here for peace and quiet, not for the hubbub and non-stop activity you find at campgrounds.

Same goes for RV's. We do not have adequate roads, parking facilities, or hookups. However, there are very nice camping and RV facilities close by should members of your party wish to stay there.

A few words to you sportsmen: Sorry, we do not allow firearms or bowhunting equipment; nor are we able to make our facilities available for hunting. Fishing is okay, provided you have a license. We cannot, however, vouch for what is liable to be biting...or when...or where. It varies widely according to the location, weather, time of year and so on. Our recommendation is that you do some online research. Some of the local outfitters and marinas can provide you valuable up-to-the minute information.

We do not allow fireworks or motorized off-road vehicles (ATV's, dirt-bikes, etc.).

One more thing: With only 3 units, we cannot allow smoking inside our cottages. ALL UNITS ARE NON-SMOKING. Ashtrays are outside for your convenience.


The cottages come complete with just about all the basics except food. The kitchen has dishes, pots 'n pans, utensils, electric range, coffee pot, toaster, microwave, refrigerator, and cleaning supplies (this is to encourage you to help us out a little by leaving the unit reasonably clean and tidy when you leave.)

We provide all linens and towels. Unlike a motel, we do not provide daily housekeeping. Guests staying for several nights may be eligible for a towel exchange, by special arrangement. We request that you please bring with you a supply of old towels for cleaning up spills or wiping dirty feet and greasy bodies after a day of tubing or hiking. While we do provide extra blankets, we would suggest that you bring along some of your own, especially if someone in the family tends to be a little cold-natured or has a thing for being extra cozy.

You will also need charcoal and lighter fluid if you plan to cook out. While we provide firewood for the fireplaces in the winter, wood should NOT be burned in the barbecue pits.

We are happy to remain comparatively rustic and low-tech. Sorry, but our cottages do not have telephones, internet or WiFi. Cell service, however, should be pretty satisfactory for most folks. And we DO have satellite TV--with over 120 channels. The TV is in the living room; so if enjoying TV, VCR, or video games in bed is your thing, you will need to bring them with you. And lots of coaxial cable!

Other recommended things to pack with you: lawnchairs, lanterns, flashlights, tennies or water-sandals (to wear in the river and creek), sunscreen, a first-aid kit (for those inevitable bites and itchies), fishing gear and your favorite reading material.

If you have an ice-chest, please keep in mind that NO POLYSTYRENE (styrofoam) OR GLASS are allowed on the river. And there are other newly-enacted restrictions as well. See below.


Warm! Average high/low temperatures range from about 98/75 in the summer to 50/35 in the winter. Precipitation is somewhat unpredictable, but generally speaking this part of Texas stays fairly dry and sunny year-round (the July 4, 2002 floods notwithstanding!). We strongly recommend, however, that you call us or one of the outfitters to obtain up-to-minute information on the lake level and river flow rate. It is not unusual for our section of the Guadalupe River, after a season of very heavy rains, to be closed to tubers and all recreational traffic except whitewater rafts and kayaks. On the other hand, if we've been experiencing drought conditions, the creeks (including ours) will likely be dry and the river will be shallow and flowing very lazily (a good time, by the way, to safely introduce the little tubers to river fun).

For up-to-the-minute conditions & forecasts, click the links at the bottom of this page.


Styrofoam (polystyrene), glass, and plastic containers smaller than 5 ounces are NOT allowed on the river or the lake. NOTE: While our part of the river is not affected, there are different laws pertaining to the Guadalupe and Comal Rivers within the New Braunfels city limits. If that is where you plan to tube, be sure to call an outfitter in New Braunfels or Gruene to learn the rules. Fines for violation are upwards to $500!

As you may have heard on the news, there has been an ongoing debate for years, pitting the rights of river-users against the concerns of long-time home owners along the river. People tussle over whether coolers full of beer and boom-boxes are an acceptable part of having fun on the river...or an infringement on the rights of those who seek peace and tranquility, including local residents. Laws get enacted, then rescinded. Lawmakers get run out of office. Activists demonstrate. The local papers take a side and receives a ton of mail in protest. And meanwhile the police scramble to try to keep tourists informed of what is allowed and what is not. It is quite a mess sometimes, but an interesting one.

The bottom line is this: It is your responsibility to know the law. CLICK HERE. The sheriff's department does set up checkpoints along the tubing loop where they open up ice chests to check for styrofoam, banned containers, and underage drinking. And ignorance of the law is no excuse. So beware!

Again, while some of these new laws and restrictions apply solely to the area within the city limits of New Braunfels, others are mandated by Comal County and do affect us out here in the Canyon Lake area. We are under the jurisdiction of a county entity called the Water Oriented Recreation District (W.O.R.D.), not any city council. If you are interested in following the changing laws or keeping track of this rather heated battle, a good place to start is the W.O.R.D. website. Or do some Googling.


We are not an outfitter. But such things as tubes, canoes and rafts are available for rent from numerous vendors in the immediate vicinity. Similarly, you'll find grocery stores, banks, convenience stores, medical clinics, a pharmacy, laundromats, car-washes, car repair shops, gift shops, hardware stores, an office supply store, ATM machines, and restaurants all within 3 to 5 minutes of your front door. And, if its entertainment you seek, there are several venues nearby that feature live music, dancing and so on.


Here at Point Creek Haven, we have volleyball, badminton and horseshoes. There's also ample room to hike and lots of Nature to enjoy. Just make sure you don't cross any fences, the river, or the creek, as doing so will make you a trespasser.

If you like live music, you will love the fact that we are just across the river from the renowned Whitewater Amphitheatre, featuring the hottest acts, from Willie Nelson to Bob Dylan, every week in the summer. In fact, you will find that this part of Texas is literally overflowing with things to see and do. From the wildflowers of the hill country, to the Spurs of San Antonio. Shopping malls in San Marcos. The state capitol and home-grown music of Austin. Gruene Hall and Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels. Go boating or skiing on Canyon Lake. Shop for antiques and arts & crafts in Wimberley. Visit the strawberry festival in Poteet. Or the peach jamboree in Stonewall. It's all within a short drive from your cottage here at PCH. Even South Padre Island and old Mexico are just down the road apiece.

So, time's a' wastin'! Get out that old beat up Rand McNally, or hop on Google Earth and start planning a terrific Texas vacation!

No, we're not the Holiday Inn Express or even the Super 8. If the family is hollerin' for a place with a pool, a jacuzzi and continental breakfast, I'm afraid you're going to find us a little too rustic for your tastes. But we're not a tumble down log cabin in the woods either. Just three really nice, comfortable cottages and lots of open space to romp and have fun. Maybe it's time you traded all that urban glitz for a few peaceful days with the cows and the whitetail deer. Point Creek Haven is the place. Hope to see you soon.

Thanks for stopping by. Reservations can only be made by telephone, email or from our website, so if you are interested in availabilities or possibly making a reservation, please INQUIRE HERE. We will gladly provide you with the phone number and personally answer any questions you might have about our facility. And don't forget to bookmark this website (or print out this page and keep it with your maps and brochures) so that you'll be all set when time rolls around for that next fun Texas vacation!

See you soon!


The original Sattler Post Office Peacocks graze liesurely beside the original Sattler post office where Wilhelm Sattler was Postmaster circa 1870. This is at the entrance to Point Creek Haven.

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For those of you who know this area, PCH is located between the two Hwy 306 river crossings, about 300 yards downstream from Maricopa Lodge, and a half-mile upstream from the campground & entertainment venue known as Whitewater Amphitheatre on that same horseshoe. We're about 1/3 of the way around the horseshoe on the left.

Note: If you need to contact us, please do so by email. If you don't have our email address, please visit our "Safari Critter Search" page, linked above, and use the "Comments" form there.
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