Well....they're not exactly the greatest in the
universe or anything....
Come to think of it, they're pretty lame.

That's why they really need your help!

With all your looking skills and finding talents,
we bet you can help our SAFARI MASTERS track down
all these crazy animals...which are scattered everywhere!

...Decide which one of these Safari Masters you want to help:

4. AGENT 001 (No nickname yet. Any ideas?)
5. AGENT 002 (No nickname yet. Any ideas?)
6. AGENT 003 (No nickname yet. Any ideas?

...Select your favorite at the bottom of this page...
...and get your game card full of critters.


Are you REALLY brave-hearted?
(You SURE??)
Well, then, you need to go searching
after dark!
That's when a whole different bunch of animals
come out: Raccoons, foxes, armadillos, coyotes, bobcats, owls, etc.
Get your NIGHT-TIME SAFARI card at the bottom of this page.

Once you have your card, it is time to
go outside into the wilderness
& start looking for those animals.

Remember, you win 10 points every time you
fill a whole line -- down, across or diagonally--
with 5 yellow highlighted animals.

Think how many points you'll have when you
fill up your entire card with all 25 critters!!

And guess what you win with all these points?

We don't exactly know. That's too
much math!
So, how about this: You win the pride and
satisfaction of having whooped your sister,
or brother, or cousins
. . . or whoever you're playing against?

REMEMBER: You can also print out your critter
card on paper & circle the animals as you find them.

Okay, time's a wasting! Let's get started!

Which SAFARI MASTER do you want as your guide?

CLICK or TAP your choice below....
Your game card will pop up....
And off you go in search of animals!

Click to get Trapper Toodles' game card Click to get Speedy Spelunker's game card Click to get Capt. Quickslime's game card Click to get your unique game card Click to get your unique game card Click to get your unique game card


Click to get the NIGHT-TIME search card


Share your Critter Safari Adventure with others.
Tell us about your experience....HERE.
And, in a few days, we'll print it below.

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