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About PCH Memberships

For many years, we rented our three cottages to the general public. That has now changed in keeping with a parallel change in our mission. Back on January 1, 2018, we began a new policy whereby those cottages are maintained as the guest quarters for our family ranch, and will be made available only to our own friends and acquaintences. Here are some frequently asked questions:

Why require memberships?

Keeping our ranch a private family affair provides us better control over who stays with us. Our focus is shifting away from public recreation (tubing, boating, etc.) and more in the direction of wildlife maintenance and preservation of the local ecosystems. While we intend to keep some limited amount of cattle and other livestock as pets, that end of our business will be undergoing quite a bit of rethinking, as well, as we attempt to return the woodlands and grasslands to the way they used to be, before the encroachment of 'civilization'. We feel it would be impossible to fulfill this mission if our ranch were to continue to be open to people whose only concern is to have fun. Thus, we are limiting our guest list to a handful of people we have known for a very long time and who, we feel, will be eager to partner with us in this new endeavor.

Who are the current members?

We currently have a total membership of about fifty or so and it is our intention to keep it at about that level, as that is about all our three cottages can accommodate in a busy summer season. So, as members fall away over time, we will probably add new ones to replace them. But selectively. If you have stayed with us within the past year or two, and are in good standing, you may already be a member and just don't know it. You can find out by contacting us by email.

How can I become a member?

As a general rule, we are only granting memberships to people we know. What we would suggest is that you stay with us a few times during the off-season (October thru April), get to know us, and become acquainted with our ranch and our wildlife preservation mission. We are much more flexible during the off-season than during the busy summer season when we are nearly completely full. Also, you will discover that there is something to be said for those quiet months when things are cooler, the wildflowers are in bloom, the turtles and waterbirds have come out of hiding, and the fish are biting. So, feel free to contact us about staying during that relaxing time of the year. We can usually work something up that fits your plans.

How do I contact you with questions?

We do not maintain an office or man a telephone around the clock. However, we will happily answer your questions by email--that is, assuming you already have that email address (which is not public). If you don't know it, please select CONTACT US below.


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